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Balanus amphitrite, 01/05/10
Balanus amphitrite, 01/05/10
Juvenile Barnacle on Barnacle, 01/05/10 -- probably all B. eburneus
The barnacles on the left in each photo probably are Megabalanus coccopoma. Sunset Beach, NC, 12/21/09
Balanus eburneus from Sunset Beach, NC
Goose Barnacles, Wrightsville Beach NC, 06/29/06
Conopea galeata, sea whip barnacles
Closed barnacle, 01/03/10
A barnacle beginning to protrude and protruding, 01/03/10
Balanus eburneus
Megabalanus coccopoma
Balanus eburneus, bleached by sun
Possibly Megabalanus coccopoma, an invasive species of barnacle, surrounded by local barnacles and the mussel Brachidontes exustus, found on Edisto Island, SC, 01/19/07
Possibly a Megabalanus coccopoma barnacle (R), an invasive species, and another acorn barnacle (L), possibly the ivory barnacle, Balanus eburneus, Wrightsville Beach, NC, 06/29/06
Probably a species of Balanus, probably either B. venustus or B. amphitrite, Wrightsville Beach, NC, 06/29/06
Acorn Barnacles
Live barnacles photographed through microscope
Live goose barnacles that were next to the barnacles above, 06/29/06