Featured Residents

This section of our website will highlight residents of our neighborhood -- some for their contributions to our community and others with special talents and interests. We need your help to identify and feature them. To do this, you can send an article by clicking on the following link. webmaster@carolinashores.info You also can let the webmaster know about someone you think should be interviewed. Now, with pleasure, we present one of our "Featured Residents."

Rich Hamilton

Rich and Carol Hamilton moved here six years ago from Warren, Ohio, after retiring from General Motors. They had vacationed in the area, always wanted to settle near the beach, and had already purchased a home in Carolina Shores. At first they took up golfing and bowling, two activities in which they remain very active.

Two years ago when they were in Ohio due to family illness, Rich -- who was restless -- passed a decoy store, stopped, talked to the owner, and bought a piece of wood and a couple of knives. Voila! His carving hobby was launched. Rich's first venture was a snowman, soon followed by a Santa. In the beginning, Rich says, it took him much longer. Now he is three times as fast. A carving can take as little as a couple of hours or as long as weeks. Rich usually has several carvings in the works at the same time. While carving in his garage, Rich always listens to music.

In the two years since that unplanned stop at an Ohio shop, Rich has carved at least 40 charicature pieces, including about 10 Santas. His pieces vary in height from two to 12 inches. Some are groupings of several figures such as golfers on a green. Rich's favorite is Fearless Freddy Flossing because it is an original that he designed.

The carvings are painted in a wide variety of colors. Carol does most of the painting, using acrylics, water colors and oils.

Rich belongs to the Windy Point Carvers' Club which has about 10 carvers and meets monthly. Bob Lehman from Carolina Shores also participates. Rich has attended two national carvers' conventions in Pigeon Forge and a 3-day class at Campbell's Folk Art School in Brasstown.

Besides carving, golfing and bowling, the Hamiltons work at the Coastal Rescue Mission in Loris. Although their tasks vary significantly, their primary activity is preparing food boxes. They are very active members of their church, Seacoast Vineyard, through which they are involved with home study groups. When the Hamiltons see a need, they rise to the occasion, whether it is helping an impaired or sick friend or delivering meals to the needy. We are blessed to have Rich and Carol as neighbors.