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Sunset Beach, North Carolina, Shells


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Dr. Harry Lee, a nationally known malacologist, deserves much credit for this work. Thanks to him, we know the identity of many of the shells of Sunset Beach, NC. Information on how to find these shells in seaweed, sea grit and sea drift can be found at: http://okeefes.org/Sunset_Beach_Shells/Finding_Shells/How_to_find_shells.htm.

Black lines on ruler visible in some images depict milimeters. Not all species have been photographed. Note: Numbers are not up to date.


Noetia limula (Conrad, 1832) -- These easily found shells have been extinct for one to two million years. Note: in comparing my hundreds of ark shells, the outstanding feature of this species is that it is wider than high.
Turbo floridensis Olsson and Harbison, 1953