Life Aboard the Hurricane Shrimper


The Hurricane Shrimper at Calabash dock
Sunrise seen from the trawler during shrimping season, 7/1/05
The coils, winches and pulleys used to control the nets and outriggers
Gear -- Other Calabash shrimp boats in background
Captain Jay Tharpe talking to columnist Lisa Jarvis
Turtle Exclusion Device
Captain Jay emptying net
The catch, mostly by-products -- lots of sea stars, cutlass fish & Atlantic sharpnose sharks, seaweed, sea urchins and trash incl. golf balls
A bonnethead shark and two Atlantic sharpnose sharks
Skate egg case with live embryo, baby sea stars, sea urchin, and baby lookdown fish
The few shrimp on a May trip
More shrimp on a July trip
Butterfly ray
Bullnose ray
One of many sponge crabs found & immediately released
An unusual crab
Clearnose skate
Staff from the Ft. Fisher Aquarium, one holding a squid egg case on right
More visitors -- on the boat, on the water and in the air
The Adventure Cruise, Hurricane II
Nets on the way up
A great blue heron resting atop the trawler when we were near shore
Afterwards in my aquarium at home

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