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Seashells from Ocean Isle Beach and Sunset Beach, NC

Copyright 2008 Jo O'Keefe All Rights Reserved

Other local area nature photos can be viewed at www. okeefes.org.
Small Giant Atlantic Cockle, siphon on left, lunging out on right, found on Sunset Beach, NC, on 11/02/06
Large Knobbed Whelk covered with barnacles found on Sunset Beach, NC, 11/04/06
Barnacle-covered Knobbed Whelk with a small Knobbed Whelk
Channeled Whelk
Florida Horse Conch, 13 inches long, found on Sunset Beach, NC, 11/04/06
Channeled Duck Clam
Angel Wings
Disk Dosinia
Thick-lipped Drills
Atlantic Oyster Drills
Ponderous Ark Shells
Incongruous Ark Shell
Giant Atlantic Cockle
Prickly Cockle Shells
Common Egg Cockle Shells
Giant Atlantic Cockle (L) and Channeled Whelk (R) emerging from sand at low tide
Chaled Channeled WhelksWhelk
Live Knobbed Whelk
Knobbed Whelk with Egg Case
Live Kiener's Whelk (?)
Lightning Whelks
Atlantic Moon Snail Shells and Egg Cases Moon Snail Crawling under Sand
Wentletraps -- Four Species -- IDs needed
Banded Tulip Shells
True Tulip -- Live
Lettered Olive Shells
Imperial Venus Clams
Common Rice Olive Shells
Variable Dwarf Olive Shells
Hooked Mussels
Ribbed Mussels
False Tulip Mussels of Southern Horsemussels, Modiolus modiolus squamosus, found six miles away on Cherry Grove Beach, SC
Atlantic Jackknife Clams
Razor Clam
Worm Shells
Common Atlantic Babies' Ears
Common American Augers
Coquina Shells
Quahog Clams
Atlantic Slipper Shells
Spiny Slipper Shells
Scallop Shell amidst clams and coquina shells
Atlantic Surf Clams
Common Jingle Shells -- The whole ones were found on Cherry Grove Beach, SC, about six miles from my home.
Cross-barred Venus Shells
ID needed -- ______ Venus???
Scotch Bonnet, the NC State shell -- the only one I found in 10 years
Simnia Shells from Sea Whips
Stiff Pen Shell
Saw-toothed Pen Shell
Sunray Venus
Keyhole Limpets
Crosshatched Lucines
Atlantic Wing Oysters
Florida Horse Conch
ID(s) Needed
ID Needed
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