Photo Journal


mostly found on Ocean Isle Beach and Sunset Beach, NC

Jo O'Keefe Copyright 2009 All Rights Reserved. Photos may be used for educational purposes only. Contact me with inquiries.

Lettered Olive found on Bird Island, NC, 02/18/07. The probiscis is ended in the righthand photo taken at home afterwards.
Lightning Whelk found on Edisto Beach, SC, 03/28/07
Knobbed Whelk surfacing from under sand (L) and rinsed off (R), Sunset Beach, NC, 12/14/06
Knobbed Whelk, Sunset Beach, 12/08/06
Lightning Whelk, Sunset Beach, 12/15/06
Florida Horse Conch, 13 inches wide, found on Sunset Beach, NC, 11/04/06
Knobbed Whelk covered with barnacles found on Sunset Beach, 11/03/06
Moon snail covered with slipper shells found on Sunset Beach, 11/03/06
Knobbed whelks in two sizes
Channeled Whelk
Thick-lipped Drills
Atlantic Oyster Drills
Giant Atlantic Cockle (L) and Channeled Whelk (R) emerging from sand at low tide
Chaled Channeled WhelksWhelk
Live Whelk
Knobbed Whelk with Egg Case
Kiener's Whelk
Live Kiener's Whelk
Lightning Whelks
Atlantic Moon Snail surfacing
Portion of Moon Snail Egg Collar
Atlantic Moon Snails with portions of egg collars
Atlantic Moon Snails climbing in plastic container
Brown-banded Wentletraps
Humphrey's Wentletraps
Many-ribbed Wentletraps
Kreb's Wentletraps
Banded Tulip Shells
True Tulip -- Live
Banded Tulip
Lettered Olive Shells
Common Rice Olive Shells
Variable Dwarf Olive Shells
Worm Shells
Common Atlantic Babies' Ears
Common American Augers
Keyhole Limpets
Atlantic Slipper Shells
Spiny Slipper Shells
Scotch Bonnet, the NC State shell -- the only one I found in 10 years
Simnia Shells
Florida Horse Conch