Seaweed Shells -- June 2008

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Costoanachis sertulariarum (d'Orbigny, 1841) Florida Dovesnail
Echinolittorina placida
Olivella cf. prefloralia
Ilyanassa obsoleta
Gemophos tinctus
Costoanachis avara
Costoanachis translirata
Rubellatoma rubella
Nassarius acutus
Nassarius acutus -- I have fallen in love with this shell.
Brachidontes exustus
Shells and the chain of egg cases from which they came
Donax parvulus -- This coquina is equally small but less fragile because it is intact.
Lunarca ovalis -- This is an equally small ark shell.
Petricola pholadiformis -- extremely small
Astyris lunata -- This is the smallest shell, so small that it felt like a large grain of sand between byssal threads that I pulled off of the shell above it. Note thread sticking out on right edge of above shell. Below this photo I have pasted a copy of the same species of shell, larger and easier to see and photograph, from this web page: Microscope Gastropod Photos.
Astyris lunata
Littoraria irrorata
Terebra dislocata
Anadara transversa
Astyris lunata
Ilyanassa trivittata