Microscope Photos

Seaweed Finds -- July 2008

Copyright 2008 Jo O'Keefe All Rights Reserved

1. This is the first little round circle with spikes sticking out. When we saw one last week, we questioned if one was a float from gulf weed, perhaps overgrown by a bryozoan. I noticed more things this time. They are flat. From above, there seem to be two rows of spikes. I now think that the spikes are an inherent part of the objects rather than overgrowth. The first photo was intended to capture the spikes. The second photo was to show the top of the specimen. I apologize for the glare my lights make. I need to buy the proper kind -- snake-like likes with small bulbs.

1. This is the bottom of the "circle" shown above.
2. This is the top of a smaller one that had a red hue. Note the two rows of spikes at the edge and the row or rows of spikes near the center top.
3. First brittle star
4. Second brittle star
5. Second or third brittle star
6. Second or third brittle star. This looks like the one I removed with forceps from a sponge, leaving an arm behind.
7. Sea Spider?
8. Megalops of something
9. an amphipod, probably Monoculodes edwardsi
10 & 11 -- hermit crabs, different specimens
12 & 13 -- amphipods
14. Isopod
15. While these shots are of the same live clam, there was a second one, equally small, probably less than .2 cm. I don't know how to "use" metric measurements. I hope that I said that correctly.
16. Scaleworm
17. Nereidid