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Megabalanus coccopoma, Non-indigenous Barnacle

Jo O'Keefe Copyright 2010. Photos may be used for educational purposes only. Contact me with inquiries regarding other use.

Note from 01/10: I am not certain that all of these are M. coccopoma. There has been confusion with M. tintinnabulum.

At least the barnacles in the left clump in each of the above photos are M. coccopoma. Sunset Beach, NC, 12/21/09 after a storm named Albert.
Megabalanus coccopoma surrounded by the native ivory barnacle, Balanus eburneus, and Brachidontes exustus mussels on groin at Edisto Island, SC, 01/20/07
Megabalanus coccopoma with small barnacles on it, found on Waties Island, SC, 02/03/07
Comparison of different size barnacles and species, Waties Island, SC, 02/03/07
Another Megabalanus coccopoma, Edisto Beach, SC, 03/07/07
Balanus eburneus, white on the left, and Megabalanus coccopoma,Wrightsville Beach, NC, 06/29/06
Megabalanus coccopoma,Wrightsville Beach, NC, 06/29/06
These barnacles were found in NC three or four months before the barnacle was discovered in the Charleston, SC, area.