Kathryn's Photos


Jo O'Keefe Copyright 2017
Sea Stars
Sand Dollar Crawling
Sea Star Crawling
Sea Star Crawling
Sea Star Crawling
Forbes Sea Star
Luidia alternata
Astropecten sp.
Brittle Star
Octopus vulgaris -- our octopus species; I also have full top and bottom photos where it is right side out.
NCDOT Sunflowers
NCDOT Cosmos
Red-Margin Zephyr Lilies saved by Chad Kimes
Pelican -- I am searching for another pelican photo. This one is beautiful enlarged.
Pearls, i.e., scum in a small tide pool
Coquina -- same image; right one is cropped
Sunset Beach originally was named Bald Island. Mannon C. Gore changed its name to Sunset Beach because of its beautiful sunsets.