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Ruffed Grouse
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Summer 2008 Field Work

Joy reports her most successful summer netting, transmitting and tracking bats. Some of the highlights are show below.


Bat Handlers
Dylan Horvath with Hoary Bat
A merry group of bat netters (Ben, David, Joy, Mary Kay, Dylan, and a box turtle)
Dylan Horvath, from NY, with a Hoary Bat.
Indiana Bat
Hoary Bat
An Indiana Bat
An angry, lactating Hoary Bat
Rafinesque's Big-eared Bat
Silver-haired Bat
Rafinesques's Big-eared Bat
Working up a Silver-haired Bat
sloughing pine tree
Joy O'Keefe
Sloughing pine tree in which -------
Joy O'Keefe leaning on a pine tree, the home sought by Indiana Bats
both are netting spots; pick up text


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