Funny Animal Photos

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A Bad Hair Day
Sharing a Life Together
Beauregard, the dog going out daily on the Sarah Jane, an Edisto Island shrimp boat belonging to Bill Smoke. See: Edisto Page 3 for these two photos and others.
Catching some sun
A bird in the hand ... Rufous Hummingbird after measuring and marking for third consecutive winter; photos by Susan Campbell
"A kiss for love and we're on our way" Rufous Hummingbird in my hand before he flew away; 02/08/07, Carolina Shores, NC
A very content man
Big Foot
Big Brother -- I'm watching you.
Reaching out
Birds of a feather flock together
New kids on the block
Along for the ride
Jumping for Joy


First visitor to the new bird bath
Hanging on
Taking care of business
Hanging out
Chillin' Out
Chasing a mullet in a tide pool
King of the strand
A bad hair day
Yikes! Red snapper skin for dinner?
What the heck do you think you're doing?
Catching a ride, dummy!
We have to eat too!
Ready for siesta
At a loss for words
We're in charge here
The end of the line
A born gymnast
Inside out
and upside down
So what if I won't win a beauty contest?
A fella can't live on fish alone.
A bird in the hand
What's the matter? Can't a fella eat?
More hanging out
Hi there.
Still more hanging out
I've had a rough life. Fact is, I'm dead.