Zephyranthes simpsonii -- Red Margin Zephyr Lily -- 2015, 2014, 2013 -- Sunset Beach, NC

This species has an endangered ranking in NC and a US ranking of "Federal Species of Concern."

The North Carolina Department of Transportation office in Wilmington, NC, did everything possible to protect these lilies.

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April 26 and April 28, 2015
Zephyranthes simpsonii, Sunset Beach, NC, 04/26/15. The three photos above were taken by Sherry Taylor of North Myrtle Beach, SC.
Zephyranthes simpsonii, Sunset Beach, NC, 04/26/15. Entire patch on side of Hwy. 179, a third the size of preceding years.
Zephyranthes simpsonii, Sunset Beach, NC, 04/26/15. There are two rows of lilies on the left near the rope fence. The rows are straight and the lilies are far apart. This is the east side of the fenced section, toward Wilmington, nearest Hwy. 179.
Zephyranthes simpsonii, Sunset Beach, NC, 04/26/15. These lilies are in the roped section nearest the waterway. Unlike the lilies in the first section, above, these lilies are growing on the west side, toward Bird Island.
Nuttallanthus canadensis, Plantaginacea, and Zephyranthes simpsonii, Sunset Beach, NC, 4/28/15
Zephyyranthes simpsonii, Sunset Beach, NC, 4/28/15
Zephyranthes simpsonii, Sunset Beach, NC, 04/26/14
Zephyranthes simpsonii, Sunset Beach, NC, 05/01/14
Zephyranthes simpsonii -- two photos taken without the flash and one with it. Each reveals unique features of the flowers. Sunset Beach, NC, 05/03/14
Zephyranthes simpsonii bud, Sunset Beach, NC, 05/03/14
Zephyranthes simpsonii, Sunset Beach, NC, 05/07/14
Zephyranthes simpsonii buds, Sunset Beach, NC, 05/07/14
Erigeron philadelphicus, fleabane -- Aster-like flowers adjacent to Red Margin Zephyr Lilies, Sunset Beach, NC, 05/01/14
Close up of portion of photo to the left, Sunset Beach, NC, 05/01/14
Nuttallanthus canadensis, Plantaginaceae -- Flowers like miniature orchids, with "spent" lily, Sunset Beach, NC, 05/03/14

April 30 - May 9, 2013

This webpage shows Red Margin Zephyr Lilies in four different locations.

1. New Patch of Zephyranthese simpsonii on Old Hwy. 179 in the right of way of Oyster Bay Golf Links

The above image shows the entire 6 X 15' bed of Zephyranthes simpsonii -- Red Margin Zephyrlily -- that is along side of Old Hwy. 179. The patch is by a rope fence of Oyster Bay Golf Links and immediately west of the East Lake. The roped fence is the boundary of Oyster Bay Golf Links. 4/30/13
In this photo -- the same as the cropped one above -- the significant slope from Old Hwy. 179 downhill to the fence is shown. The area is moist, a soil preferred by Zephyranthes simpsonii. 4/30/13
Zephyranthes simpsonii
Zephyranthes simpsonii
Zephyranthes simpsonii
Zephyranthes simpsonii
This 6 x 15-foot patch of Zephyranthes simpsonii on Old Hwy. 179 is lush and stunning. 05/02/13
New signs to protect the Old Hwy. 179 Lily Patch, erected by NCDOT on 05/07/13.
2. The Original "NCDOT" Lilies now under the Sunset Beach bridge
cat tails
Years ago I took this photo to capture the cat tails growing out of the blocks-long ditch that was surrounded by Zephyranthes simpsonii. The lilies were 2 to 3 inches from standing water. Others grew across the road in an area far less moist.
Several of these signs were my introduction to Zephyranthes simpsonii in August 2005. I learned that NCDOT prevented mowing of the threatened rain lily. I also learned that NCDOT would need to relocate the lilies prior to bridge construction.
Zephyranthes simpsonii
Zephyranthes simpsonii
These are the lilies while they were growing at the Brunswick County Cooperative Extension Center during three years of bridge construction. Photos by Melissa Miller.
On 11/15/11 Melissa Miller, NCDOT Environmental Biologist, supervised the relocation of the 923 lilies that survived. The bulbs were planted under the new Sunset Beach bridge in the two fenced areas closest to the Intracoastal Waterway. They were planted toward toward the outer edges of the bridge to provide maximum sunlight. The lilies are within two to 10 feet of the fencing, protected from disturbance. Photos by Melissa Miller
We are uncertain how many of the 1,166 lilies moved by the NCDOT to the grounds of the Brunswick County Extension Society have survived. 05/02/13
3. Lilies in Second Fenced Area under the new bridge
4. Red Margin Zephyr Lilies along Old Hwy. 179 in Calabash
After rounding Bonaparte's Landing, way in the background in the right photo above, and heading toward Calabash, I saw lilies blooming in the ditch in front of a house. The dark area in the right photo is standing water with algae in the ditch. I counted at least 10 lilies and saw evidence of others that had finished blooming.
Minutes later I saw two lovely clumps and some strays of Zephyranthes simpsonii in the right of way separating the house with lilies in its ditch from the neighbor's home. The lilies were not planted by the homeowners. Immediately behind the lilies, in the left photo, is a deep ditch with a significant amount of standing water. All lilies at this location were in very moist soil.