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While I was photographing this bird, I assumed it was a Willet. At home I found that it is unlike the Willet photos on my website. However, in Sibley's book, I found this to be adult breeding plumage in Willets. Do you agree? The wind picked up tremendously, even affecting his feathers while he foraged. I wonder what they eat.
I do not know what this is. It is a full-resolution image that you can zoom in on with photo software. Not a good shot.
Full-resolution image on which you can zoom above left. These look like Ruddy Turnstones to me. I was not set up properly to take photos.
A man brought his family to Sunset Beach this last week based on bird photos on my website. He had never done bird photography but has experience with sports photography. He might even be employed as a sports photographer. He wrote to me Monday morning telling me that and saying that, since arriving on Saturday, he had not found any egrets. In my response I told him places to to find egrets and other birds. We wrote back and forth during the week. He was frustrated by his camera equipment, saying he needed different lenses and couldn't fill the frame with a bird. Thursday evening he sent me this photo as an example of what he had accomplished. I am in love with it. I don't know if a non-member can post a photo in the CBC gallery. I sent it to Kent to ask that question, knowing Kent would not post it without the photographer's permission. Although I am sharing it with you, I do not think that you should share it.
On one of my front porch windchimes yesterday. I do not know what they are.