First measurement. This shows the distance from two new posts to one old post directly facing the waterway on the short side of the rectangular former chain link fence.
Second measurement. Also on waterway end of fenced area closer to the fire station. I misnamed the right hand photo. The distance appears to be 36 inches plus 5 inches.
Third measurement. This is on the fire station side not far from Bus. 179. Because you can see that the distance is 27 inches, I have not made a full-res image.
These are two views of the straight row of wood fence posts along the last portion of the actual bridge itself. It ends where the rail on it ends.
This is one of the final photos. It leaves me stunned. I do not know why they do not appeciate preserving space for NCDOT for maintenance and also widening the area in case drivers loose control on the down ramp. See below.
This is from the above photo. It is full-resolution. I suspect that this is Town material. After the bridge opened, for nearly two years we received complaints about the ugly things one saw coming down the down ramp. Then you came along with your grant funds to plant greenery to block the view. It seems that the Town also should help by moving material. The material is inside what was your chain link fence. It is on your property.