Subcontractor work in circle at end of E. Main Street and extending beyong it.

Photos taken on November 30, 2016. Date on camera is incorrect. Jo O'Keefe



Attempts to show two rough edges at end of 1822 E. Main Driveway. Each causes a jolt. The gray area is not firm, is uneven and is unattractive.
End of fill at 1822 E. Main. The fill extends further back between 1822 and 1820 E. Main.
Photo shows how much further back fill goes between homes. Probably that area is the NCDOT right of way because the homeowners have landscape timber behind the No Parking Sign. Persons setting out recycling and garbage cans could break their ankles.
Another view of the same fill extending about five feet from edge of road
Another view of area between 1822 and 1820
End of Driveway at 1820
Area beginning in driveway of 1820, then extending into street and around corner to E. Main St.
Fill extending around corner and unpaved cut across road connecting E. Main St. and Canal St.
Wires exposed by contractor