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Jo O'Keefe Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved. Photos may be used for educational purposes only. Contact me with inquiries.

Sea Stars
Astropecten duplicatus, Sunset Beach, NC, 10/28/2016
Tropical Storm Hannah departed from Sunset Beach. NC, and Little River, SC, on 9/6/08. after making landfall the preceding evening. At low tide I found the island looking like Mars, with sea stars everywhere covered with sand. A woman and I rinsed them off in the inlet and sorted them.
I brought some sea stars home to save for researchers. Unfortunately, the "stone" of my aerator backed its way out of their container. Several died and broke. The grey sea star with black markings might be Astropecten duplicatus.
Luidia sp. either L. sagamina or L. elegans
Luidia clathrata, 01/19/10, Sunset Beach, NC
Luidia clathrata, striped Sea star found on Sunset Beach, 11/22/06
An unusual sea star for here, Luidia alternata, found on 09/01/06 on Sunset Beach the day after Tropical Storn Ernesto
Luidia alternata, Sunset Beach, NC, 05/25/13 -- only the second specimen I have found.
Forbes Sea Star found on Sunset Beach on 11/2/06
Astropecten sp., Sunset Beach, NC, 12/04/09 -- note pair of spines like lumps at the crook of each pair of arms, and the madreporite
Astropecten articulatus, beaded or marginated sea star, found on Sunset Beach on 10/22/06
Astropecten articulatus, Sunset Beach, NC, 01/19/10
Luidia clathrata, Left and another Luidia, Right
Sanibel Bay Sea Star
Luidia senegalensis found on Sanibel Island, Florida
Brittle Stars
Ophioderma brevispinum, Sunset Beach, NC, 09/06/2013
Brittle stars found on in seaweed from Edisto Beach, SC, on 3/4/07 -- they were each about four inches wide while curled.
Ophiolepsis elegans -- I think! The right one was 5" wide and found on Sunset Beach, NC, on 10/21/06
Brittle star, genus Ophiactis, and its disk
Brittle star mouth
Sea Cucumbers
Hairy Sea Cucumbers found on Sunset Beach, 11/2/06 -- 1st 3 photos
Hairy Sea Cucumber, Sclerodactyla briareus, found on Sunset Beach, NC, 11/14/06
Striped Sea Cucumber, Thyonella gemmata, Sunset Beach, NC, 07/14/13
Unidentified sea cucumber
Hairy Sea Cucumber, Sclerodactyla briareus -- the one on the right is in my salt water aquarium
Sea Urchins
Sea urchin, probably Lytechinus variegatus
Sea urchin, Lytechinus variegatus, climbing wall of plastic container
Sea urchin -- this could be a juvenile Lytechinus variegatus or a short-spined species
Test of Lytechinus variegatus
TSea Urchin Test, species unknown
Test from Sea Urchin, Arbacia punctulata
Sea Urchin, Arbacia punctulata -- anus
Aristotle's Lanterns -- Center "infrastructure" of Sea Urchin -- they are composed of five outer teeth and internal ossicles and muscles.
Sea Urchin, genus Hardouinia. Hardouinia lived from 65 to 95 million years ago. Sunset Beach, NC
Sand Dollars
Sand Dollars -- left, with Aristotle's Lanterns, center "infrastructure of" sand dollar
Sand Dollars -- live, emerging from sand
Sand dollars encrusted with sabellariid worm tubes
Sand Dollar Petals
Sand Dollar Tubercles
Lunule with spines