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My logo, taken at Holden Brothers Seafood
Pelican Friends, award-winning photo, Holden Brothers Seafood
Adult Pelican with Breeding Plumage, Edisto Beach, SC, February 2008
Pelican with Royal Terns
Pelican Yawning at Holden Seafood
Edisto Island, SC, 03/07/07
A pelican with which I was able to get up close and comfortable at Cherry Grove Beach, SC, 8/24/06
A Brown Pelican on the Calabash, NC, dock, stretching out his throat and esophagus
Pelican on car hood by Joy O'Keefe
My photo from the back seat of the car
A 1-winged pelican that I fed on the dock
Pelicans behind the Hurricane Shrimper
White Pelicans, Sanibel, Florida, March 2006