Ocean Isle Beach and Sunset Beach, North Carolina

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Ring-billed_Gull, Sunset Beach, NC, 04/02/08
Feeding the Gulls, Ft. Fisher Ferry, 12/24/06
Great Black-Backed Gulls on Sunset Beach on 12/02/06 (L) and 11/30/06 (R)
Cherry Grove Beach, SC, 11/16/06
Juvenile Great Black-Backed Gull, Sunset Beach, NC, 10/24/06. This gull let me get within one foot of him. I think I could have touched him.
Laughing Gull Preening, Sunset Beach, NC, 10/13/06
Gulls flying over dune before sunset, Sunset Beach, NC, 10/13/06
Herring Gull losing juvenile plumage and molting into adulto. Photo by my brother Chris Spitzer taken on Ocean Isle Beach Pier, 10/07/06
Juvenile Great Black-Backed Gulls, Sunset Beach, NC, 09/22/06
Ring-billed gull, Sunset Beach, NC, 09/01/06
A bad hair day on Bird Island, 07/30/06
Ring-billed Gull, 07/26/07
This photo might seem out of place on a webpage about gulls. However, when I take animals to the Ft. Fisher Aquarium, I take a ferry. I bring Cheetos and my camera. On this recent day, there was an entire busload of school children that I asked to feed the gulls for me. They did not know that scores of gulls would appear suddenly appear out of nowhere! Instead of photographing the gulls as planned, I began to photograph the children. The boy in the white shirt pitched each Cheeto like a baseball. At the end, a gull pooped on one boy's shirt. When he approached me with a forlorn face, I cleaned his shirt with a sani-wipe and then let him see the animals in the back of my car. It was a terrific ferry ride.
Ring-billed Gull