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Sunset Beach NC Boat Launch Ramp, Fishing Pier and Parking Lot

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Boats in waterway near new Fishing Pier, Bridge and Boat Ramp, Sunset Beach, NC, 07/14/12
Fisherman enjoying the waterway activity, Sunset Beach, NC, 07/14/12
A boater adjusting his gear near the second floating ramp, Sunset Beach, NC, 07/14/12
Sunset Beach Boat Ramp and Floating Docks next to the new Sunset Beach Bridge. NC Wildlife Resources Commission built the ramp using its funds along with some from the Town of Sunset Beach and Brunswick County. To avoid disturbing the Waterway more than the entrance to the old bridge did for 50 year, the ramp was built upon the footprint of the roadway leading to the old bridge. The parking lot has 26 spaces for vehicles with trailers. The Boat Ramp and an adjacent Fishing Pier were dedicated 06/29/12.
Vehicles with trailers parked on the North (left) and South (right) sides of the new parking lot. Sunset Beach, NC, 07/14/12
A small kiosk provides information such as how to obtain a fishing licence and advisories. Sunset Beach, NC, 07/14/12
This is the stationary pier on the right side. It is L-shaped and will provide marvelous access to fishing in the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway -- something never had before at Sunset Beach.
These are the walls lining the boat ramp. A piece of equipment was on a barge at the end when I was taking pictures.
This is the boat ramp. Construction has not been completed. An L-shaped floating dock will be built on the right.
Here is the plan for the project: