Bird Island, NC
Cherry Grove Beach, SC
Edisto Island, SC, P. 1
Edisto Island, SC, P. 2
Edisto Island, SC, P. 3
Sanibel Island, FL
Sunset Beach, NC


Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina
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4/23/11: Adjacent to both of the barrier islands, Ocean Isle Beach and Sunset Beach, are numerous dredge spoil islands formed by sand dredged from the Intracoastal Waterway, channels and inlets by the Army Corps of Engineers. The State of NC claims ownership because "they are higher than the naturally occurring high water mark." Uninhabited Monk Island, a stone's throw from Ocean Isle Beach, is privately owned and for sale for $2.9 million. I cannot explain how someone acquired ownership of Monk Island nor how the Williamsons and Gores came to own Ocean Isle Beach and Sunset Beach.

For decades goats, the most visible inhabitants of the dredge spoil islands, have delighted visitors to the barrier islands. Deer also live there. Now, on the premise that some of their waste pollutes fishing waters, the State of NC has issued a request for proposals to find an individual or company to remove "goats and other livestock" from three islands between Ocean Isle Beach and the mainland. Bids for the project will be opened in Raleigh, NC, on May 18, 2011. The winning bidder must remove the goats by June 17, 2011, in a humane manner that does not endanger their welfare. After removing the goats, the owner will be free to do as he wishes with the goats that will then be private property. Many persons claim that they will be slaughtered. Additional information is available on these webpages: http://www.doa.state.nc.us/ssp/documents/specialbids/GoatBid.pdf

The goats spend the day and night on the islands' centers. They emerge to graze on marsh grass near the water shortly after dawn and before dusk. Most of their droppings fall far from the water. For many more photos of the goats, click here: http://okeefes.org/Goats/Goats.htm.

View from Cinelli's
Sunset at Cinelli's Pizza and Restaurante, 10/7/06
East end, 03/27/10
Fearless Five
Kids enjoying the beach
East End
Skim Boarding
The East End
Skim boarding
Kite flying
Views from Sunset Beach
New Sea Oats
Sand Fences
Sea Oats
Sand Fences
Ocean Isle Beach Pier, L: midday, R: late afternoon
Sunrise from Sunset Beach
Ocean Isle Beach sunrises
Former Pylons
Former Pylons
Former pylons, Ocean Isle Beach
Sunset over Waterway
Sunset over waterway
Sunset over the waterway, photographed from the Ocean Isle Beach bridge
Ocean Isle Beach Cross
Ocean Isle Beach Cross
Ocean Isle Beach cross
Golden Sundown
Sunset, east end
Sunset photographed from the Ocean Isle Beach pier
Moonrise over Holden Beach photographed from the Ocean Isle Beach pier