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March 2 - March 8, 2007

Canopy Live Oak Trees with Spanish Moss on Botany Bay Road
Spanish moss dripping from live oak trees on Botany Bay Road
The tree next to Trinity Episcopal Church
Presbyterian Church on Edisto Island
Trinity Episcopal Church
Narrow houses that fascinated me.
Pelicans and Clouds
Blue Skies
The Edisto Beach State Park Beach
The unusual whelk-draped structure on the east end of the beach
A silver afternoon
A content man
Periwinkle, Vinca major, across the street from Trinity Episcopal Church.
A dog that brought a pine cone to me and asked me to play fetch. We had a lot of fun.
A large barnacle, probably Balanus venustus, surrounded by mussels, Brachidontes exustus
Megabalanus coccopoma -- This is a photo of a nonindigenous, i.e., invasive species, surrounded by native barnacles and mussels
Ruddy Turnstone
Black Skimmers
Laughing Gull
Black Skimmers -- part of a colony that hangs out at the South Edisto River. I love black skimmers!
Knobbed Whelk -- live
Sand Dollar -- live, tube feet visible
Brittle star -- live, both sides visible, about 4-inches wide while curled, found in seaweed
Sponge -- there were so many of this species that I call it the Edisto sponge
Purse crab -- live and large
A fossilized shark vertebra -- Fossils are abundant on Edisto Island.
A fossilized spinal disc
A plane from Charleston and its vapor trail
A second plane and its vapor trail at dusk



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