Ocean Isle Beach, NC
Sunset Beach, NC
Bird Island, NC
Edisto Island, SC, P. 1
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Sanibel Island, FL

Photo Journal


Cherry Grove Beach, SC

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Lucy and her owner, John Stewart of Gastonia, NC, played fetch on 10/07/07. Half of the time John sent a ball far into the surf. Lucy dashed after it, jumping over breakers until she retrived the ball.
Their second game, over the strand, sent Lucy running to catch the ball before it landed. Like a runner crossing the finish line, because she was unable to slow down immediately, Lucy continued to run in the same direction.
Plagusia depressa, the tidal spray crab. 10/07/07.
Friends in the Surf
Juvenile Gull
Sea Urchins, 12/30/06
Sunset, 12/27/06
Sunset, 12/27/06
Cherry Grove Pier
Hermit Crab Hunter
Frisbee Player
Young Football Player
Feeding Frenzy
Hog Inlet and Waties Island
Kite Surfer